About us

Hello! Save your memories with us.........

10 years ago, one of my close friends gave me a very old DSLR camera and asked me to do Temple ceremony pictures shoots. I was exciting and accept that challenge. It was my beginning of this photography journey. I never thought get into this wonderful photography business until I discover I have that talent. I am creative person, that's why I chose photography as my main occupation.

I love to shoot and our passion is to help you capture your memories in professional way.

I love taking pictures whether it's to capture life-long memories or simply to snap candid's of people around me. I also find beauty and a certain calmness in landscape photos that I take when I travel.

Our services range from weddings, engagement portraits, family portraits, children milestones and parties, to community sporting events, professional head shots and corporate events. We understand and cater to your needs. We do photography as well as videography too.

Our approach is always client first. Our team of lifestyle photographers can create stunning images for every occasion. I've been taking photographs of everyday moments and decided it was time to turn a hobby into a side hustle!

This website is a small glimpse into my most favorite memories with the people and places I love. Going through the gallery, I hope you are able to feel what I meant to capture.


If you are interested in working with me, scroll down below for my contact form or send me an email at janakaphotography@gmail.com


Janaka Mohandiramge

Professional Photographer